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Washroom Supplies


Washroom Essentials

Sanitary units
Air fresheners
Toilet Roll Holders – Commercial size
Toilet Roll Holder – Regular size
Toilet brush’s – A variety of styles
Hand Towel Holders – All types of finishes
Liquid Soap dispensers – A variety of styles
Roller Hand towel –All types of finishes
Hand dryers – A variety of styles
Dust mats – Several sizes
Dust Mats with Logos

Some of the above items can be purchased or leased, which ever suits your needs.


Paper and Liquid Products (Non Cleaning Products)

Toilet Rolls regular
Jumbo Toilet Rolls
Bulk Pack Tissue paper
Hand Towels
Center Feed paper
Kitchen Roll
Refill Soap for dispensers
Soap Pumps – disposable
Soap Bars
Urinal disinfectant cubes


Liquid Products (Used for Cleaning)

BLEACH  – Daisy by Jeyes
FLOOR CLEANER – Flash by Proctor & Gamble
KITCHEN CLEANER – Mr Muscle by Johnson Diversery
GLASS CLEANER – Windex Muscle by Johnson Diversery
BATHROOM CLEANER – Mr Muscle by Johnson Diversery
ANTIBACTERIAL CLEANER – Detol surface cleaner by Reckitt Bekinser
TOILET CLEANER – Harpic by Harrogate Hygiene Services
CREAM CLEANER – CIF by Johnson Diversey
WASHING LIQUID – Fairy by Trust
DISHWASHER TABLET – Finish Tablets by Reckitt Benckiser
DISHWASHER RINSE – Finish Rinse Aid by Reckitt Benckiser
DISHWASHER SALT – Finish Salt by Reckitt Benckiser



Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Some ingredients in cleaning products can cause skin allergies and asthma and some products are corrosive and can cause skin burns and eye damage.

Preventing exposure to harmful substances means a combination of some of the following controls:

  1. Use good work techniques that avoid or minimise contact with harmful substances and minimise leaks and spills. Store cleaning products safely
  2. Some tasks will require personal protective equipment like protective gloves, aprons and eye protection
  3. Practice good hand care – remove contamination promptly, wash hands properly, dry thoroughly and use skin creams regularly
  4. Keep the workplace well ventilated